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Traveller Writers

Blood & Belonging: a celebration of Gypsy, Romany & Traveller culture at the British Library hosted by Louise Doughty with filmmaker Jake Bowers, poet Jo Clement, writer Damian Le Bas and those virtuoso Roma musicians, The Romany Diamonds.

Featured Writers
"At first I thought telling stories was just escapism but it’s more essential to my wellbeing than that. It’s taken me the best part of a decade to realize that I write myself over and over again. It’s my response to physician heal thyself."
"My writing is driven by the hope that somewhere, someone will read my work and learn that though our experiences are different we all spill the same blood, no matter what shade our skin or our beliefs."
"I write to record my dreams and pray that I can make them come true. I write to face my nightmares, to set them down and thereby banish them forever."

Guest Edition

No facts, only versions

Edited by Colin Grant

Memoirs are as much about what is excluded as what is included. This edition examines how you can evoke the truth in writing memoirs whilst drawing on memories that are sometimes fallible or contested.


James Baldwin centenary

Why does the wisdom of the former boy preacher, activist, writer and public intellectual, still resonate decades after his death? WritersMosaic hosts an evening in honour of Baldwin at the British Library.


What does the Transatlantic Slave Trade have to do with the Jewish Holocaust and the Dalits?

Ways of Sunlight

The scattered, sunlit routes of Sam Selvon's short stories

Close Up

The Last Matriarch

The rituals that hold some of our finest memories

Imaging Auschwitz

Is it possible to depict dramatically The Holocaust without descending into morbid fascination?


Reasons to fear AI: recalling Italo Calvino’s cybernetics & ghosts

Writers Michael Salu, Iphgenia Baal, Tice Cin and Vanessa Onwuemezi in collaboration with the Eccles Centre at the British Library recently reflected on the expansive role that AI & technology play in our lives. Hosted by Amanda Vilanova, the evening explored the uncanny and disturbing possibilities of AI. Filmed by Rob Akin

Abolition and Britain’s wilful amnesia about the Atlantic slave trade

In the second RLF/WritersMosaic collaboration with the British Library, on the publication of Gabriel Gbadamosi's play Abolition, he was joined by writers Bonnie Greer and S.I. Martin to explore Britain’s role in the Atlantic slave trade. The evening included sea shanties recalling English maritime experience, performed by John Dipper and Dave Malkin.