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"My practice as a poet is to use stillness and the breath to allow words to descend or ascend."
"There are two rules for getting the work done.
1. Start 2. Finish. Get to step one and you’re already part of an elite group. Get to number two and you’re ready to become a wizard, Harry."
"I feel like thinking big. I feel like being dramatic. I feel like making a real splash. I feel like declaring I am here."

Guest Edition

Race in the time of childhood

Edited by Sharmilla Beezmohun

“In this edition, writers explore the challenges of growing up as a child of colour in the UK from the 1960s to the present day.”



There has been a growing demand for better pay for NHS nurses, and in Grace, the T.S.Eliot Prize-winning poet, Roger Robinson, recalls the generosity, bravery and kindness of the nurses who kept his newborn son alive.


Young Vic livestreaming future productions

British theatre innovation for future livestreaming.

Coming soon on WritersMosaic

Partition - The writers bringing Bengali experience to Scottish debates on independence.


Living Newspaper Edition 3

Daily news presented as short plays.

Zanele Muholi 

A retrospective of Zanele Muholi's extraordinary photographs.

Mosaic Team
Guest Editors

In Sight

Riffing on WritersMosaic

Colin Grant, the director of WritersMosaic, talks with its founding editor, Gabriel Gbadamosi, about its origins, uniqueness and how it hopes to provide a platform for writing that is surprising, innovative and illuminating, yet rarely seen in Britain.

Diggers and Builders

How might writers also work as community activists? Are the two compatible? For WritersMosaic the playwright Linda Brogan, crime writer Peter Kalu, poet Shamshad Khan and screenwriter Jonny Wright join forces to resist the idea of ‘community’ as amateur, less good and low budget.

Produced in partnership with the University of Manchester and the Whitworth Gallery, the plan is to stay rooted and reach for the moon.