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Featured Writers
"I write so that children can feel represented in the world they live in, and so that readers can pick up a book that is a window into the lives of fellow humans from different cultures."
"I write because the stories are there, inside me, pushing their way out until I have no choice but to write them down."
"I come from a family of writers, on both sides of my heritage, Black Caribbean and white British. Writing and reading are conduits to empathy – you can walk in the shoes of others. They are tools in the fight for social justice as they widen the lens though which we perceive the world."

Guest Edition

Jewish Multiculturalism

Edited by Simon Liebesny

Jewish Multiculturalism? Never mind the ‘M’ word, start with the ‘J’ word. Which part of British multiculturalism is Jewish? Is Multiculturalism a social experiment, a form of social engineering?  The authors here resist and refute lazy stereotypes which so often lead to suspicion, conflict, division.


Jeffrey Boakye and Anthony Joseph live with Amanda Vilanova

The writer and broadcaster, Jeffrey Boakye, and the poet, Anthony Joseph, with Jazz musicians join Amanda Vilanova in front of an audience at the House of St Barnabas, London for a live performance of prose, poetry and music. The show is introduced by Colin Grant.

The Fellowship

An announcement adds an element of thrill as the lights come down

The Curse

A six-part heist comedy set in 1980s East London

Close Up

Dog with a human heart

A London playwright lost in Moscow

Secrets, Relics & Lost Lives

A daughter conjures her father through archive



A new short film by the duo, MISSOHIO, based on the Caribbean poet Roger Robinson’s tough but tender and ethereal poem, ‘Paradise’. The film visualises paradise through a distorted lens, uncovering the existential undertones of a ‘perfect’ resort life in the current climate crisis.

Margo Jefferson in conversation with Colin Grant

In front of an audience at the London Review of Books bookshop, the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Margo Jefferson reflects on her admiration of the performers, from Ella Fitzgerald to Josephine Baker, at the heart of her memoir, Constructing a Nervous System.