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"It’s safe to say that in all of this, if you add it all up, I can be described as a black writer. But I also happen to be a writer who is black."
"I write because I want this voice, I want to be heard. I would not write if I did not have this burning rage to change the horrifyingly unequal society into which I was born."
"I’ve tried all sorts of things. I’ve tried writing sci-fi. I’ve tried writing romance stories, older stories, younger stories... just try so many different things and see what you enjoy doing."

Guest Edition


Edited by Hannah Lowe

“This guest edition deploys and renews the term borderliner (an obsolete and racist epithet for people of mixed heritage) as a catalyst for multiple, innovative discussions of issues of identity, race, ethnicity and language.”


Yvonne Brewster in conversation with Colin Grant

Jamaican-born playwright Alfred Fagon’s The Death of a Black Man has been revived in 2021. Fagon died in 1986, and past winners of the Alfred Fagon Award introduced in his honour include Michaela Coel. On its 25th anniversary, Colin Grant talks to the director Yvonne Brewster about Fagon’s legacy.


How Carnival’s glue gun revolutionaries brought joy to Britain

Carnival activists' defeat of Teddy Boys and pessimism with tinsel and glue guns.

What’s the point of repainting Britain’s past?

English Heritage commissions artists to reimagine a past with people of colour central to Britain.



In Bridgerton, Britain has a black Queen, is post-racial, and only darkly remembers a racialised past.

The Death of a Black Man

Alfred Fagon's violent 1970s drama of race, class and sex is revived.

Mosaic Team
Guest Editors


Riffing on WritersMosaic

Colin Grant, the director of WritersMosaic, talks with its founding editor, Gabriel Gbadamosi, about its origins, uniqueness and how it hopes to provide a platform for writing that is surprising, innovative and illuminating, yet rarely seen in Britain.

You couldn’t make it up, could you?

Playwright and theatre director Patricia Cumper and novelists Umi Sinha and Ingrid Persaud join Colin Grant, the director of WritersMosaic, to discuss how fiction sits side-by-side with history writing.