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"I hope that one day, children of all ages can visit their school library and find a narrative where they recognise themselves and read about characters who belong to their creed, colour, class and life experiences."
"There really are countless possibilities to consider, so many options to document, to discuss and dissect. This is the reason why I write. I want to create things that never existed before and reimagine things that may have."
"It was a real blessing to have worked on Lovers Rock and Red White and Blue before I went back to A River Called Time. I'd felt hesitant. Now I'd met Steve McQueen who was interested and at the top of his game saying to me: You're at the top of your game too."

Guest Edition

The rain started again

Edited by Monique Roffey


Raising the dead

Nadifa Mohamed’s The Fortune Men, based on the 1950s true story of Mahmood Mattan, a Somali seaman wrongfully executed in Wales, was shortlisted for the 2021 Booker Prize and is now a favourite for the Costa Novel Award. In 'Raising the Dead', Mohamed reflects on how in novels such as her first, Black Mamba Boy, and nowThe Fortune Men, she’s been determined to resurrect an uncomfortable and brutal colonial past, that is in danger of being forgotten.

Close Up

Things Fall Apart

How art can be a saviour

The Enduring Appeal of Let Love Rule

The soundtrack to a burgeoning creative life


Love is the Message, the Message is Death 

A tour of the resilience and vibrancy of African America

Harlem Shuffle

Colson Whitehead's heist-caper navigating racial respectability and corruption

Mosaic Team
Guest Editors


Margaret Busby's brilliant career in publishing

The international anthology New Daughters of Africa featuring 200 writers is a testament to its editor Margaret Busby CBE. She talks to the director Burt Caesar about her daring beginnings as Britain’s first black female publisher in the 1960s and about her extraordinary career championing unknown authors and giants such as CLR James whose work might have been forgotten but for her intervention.

Sonic vibrations in the front room

Dubmorphology create a film for Michael McMillan’s guest edition, Sonic vibrations, in the front room of the Museum of the Home, featuring Khadijah Ibrahiim and Courttia Newland.