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James Baldwin

What's so great about the boy-preacher, public intellectual, writer and activist a hundred years after his birth? Colin Grant was joined recently by writers and musicians in praise of Baldwin at a Speaky Spokey cabaret at the British Library.

Featured Writers
"I write to record my dreams and pray that I can make them come true. I write to face my nightmares, to set them down and thereby banish them forever."
"I aspire to challenge and provoke. But also to celebrate the resilience of the human spirit. To celebrate solidarity and community."
"My dyslexia is my superpower, and I have always loved reading books."

Guest Edition

The forensic and the fantastic: Latinx writers in the UK

Edited by Oscar Guardiola-Rivera

'As Latinx writers in the UK, the forces that pulled and pushed our ancestors shatter any linear perspective. Another land of our childhood emerges. No longer the place of magical realism, we see and hear in retrospect what our parents were doing: creating a space for us to see the forest. The world. The planet.’


Bob Marley: One Love

'Screw face', 'Skipper' and' Tough Gong' were some of descriptors for Bob Marley. But 'One love', the phrase he has mostly become associated with, is front and centre of a new biopic of the Rasta reggae superstar. Colin Grant and the poet & playwright Carol Leeming discuss how close the film comes to capturing the essence of Marley.

Ideologues of the Game and Other Seekers of the End

Fathizadeh's prophetic paintings of introspection

American Fiction 

Cord Jefferson's satire on the literary world's cynical marketing of 'authentic' black novels

Close Up

The World(s) of David Diop

The writer as literary excavator

Hip Hop: 50 Not Out

A nostalgic look back at the origins of hip hop


Reasons to fear AI: recalling Italo Calvino’s cybernetics & ghosts

Writers Michael Salu, Iphgenia Baal, Tice Cin and Vanessa Onwuemezi in collaboration with the Eccles Centre at the British Library recently reflected on the expansive role that AI & technology play in our lives. Hosted by Amanda Vilanova, the evening explored the uncanny and disturbing possibilities of AI. Filmed by Rob Akin

Abolition and Britain’s wilful amnesia about the Atlantic slave trade

In the second RLF/WritersMosaic collaboration with the British Library, on the publication of Gabriel Gbadamosi's play Abolition, he was joined by writers Bonnie Greer and S.I. Martin to explore Britain’s role in the Atlantic slave trade. The evening included sea shanties recalling English maritime experience, performed by John Dipper and Dave Malkin.