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Featured Writers
"Enabling a sense of belonging in new generations feels like an important connection to make. Diasporic identities make for enriched stories and landscapes in which a patchwork sense of ‘home’ can be discovered and also created."
"There are many things about the process that I hate – the isolation, the quest for perfection, and the repetition. Still, writing always finds a way to return to me in the form of an idea, or a belief system, a character or an observation."
"You have to keep writing even when you don’t know if you believe you will ‘make it’ anymore. Why? Because it’s the only thing you are good at, the only thing you know."

Guest Edition

Sonic vibrations part 2

Edited by Michael McMillan

“This guest edition is a multimedia journey into the sonic vibrations of sound system culture, lovers rock and dub with writers, visual artists and choreographers from the African diaspora.”


Colson Whitehead in conversation with Colin Grant

Double Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, Colson Whitehead, talks to Colin Grant about his love of heist movies, the work of Chester Himes and, and his new noir thriller, Harlem Shuffle.

Close Up

The Candyman Can

A Chicago community inspired and terrified by the folklore of Candyman

The Yak Dilemma

Reflecting on the cultural and religious references of Belfast


Is God Is

Twins on a quest to avenge their mother

The Fortune Men

Wronged ghosts of Britain’s colonial past come home to Tiger Bay

Mosaic Team
Guest Editors


Margaret Busby's brilliant career in publishing

The international anthology New Daughters of Africa featuring 200 writers is a testament to its editor Margaret Busby CBE. She talks to the director Burt Caesar about her daring beginnings as Britain’s first black female publisher in the 1960s and about her extraordinary career championing unknown authors and giants such as CLR James whose work might have been forgotten but for her intervention.

Sonic vibrations in the front room

Dubmorphology create a film for Michael McMillan’s guest edition, Sonic vibrations, in the front room of the Museum of the Home, featuring Khadijah Ibrahiim and Courttia Newland.