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"We live in tumultuous times, most of it terrifying, and I feel the writing of this, the narration of events, the documenting of these times is vital and an important part of my job."
“My aim was always to take readers on a journey to the heart of modern India, the most vibrant, conflicted, and supercharged place on earth.” 
"I arrived in England at the age of 12, fluent in Urdu, Arabic and English, all three were my first languages. I wrote a diary every day. The entries, I discovered much later in life were poems and stories."

Guest Edition


Edited by Lucy Hannah

“Mahmoud Darwish, the revered Palestinian poet, said of exile: I carry it everywhere, as I carry my homeland.”


England’s racism revealed in its Uefa Euro 2020 defeat

The shock of England’s defeat in the Uefa Euro 2020 games wasn’t so much in the defeat itself. That much could have been expected from England's poor record in penalty shoot outs. For many, the real shock was in the resurgence of racism that followed, directed at black English footballers, including the socially-conscious Marcus Rashford, who had failed to convert their penalties. But the cultural critic, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, argues that it, too, wasn’t really a surprise, that racism and the encouragement of nostalgic self-delusional nativism lie just beneath the surface of English society and are tacitly encouraged and stoked by politicians in times of strife.


Just out: Patient Dignity

A collaborative, poetic response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Earl Cameron remembered at the BFI

The pioneering life of one of the first black actors to break Britain's colour bar in film and TV


This One Sky Day

One day on an imaginary archipelago that bears elements of Jamaica and Scotland


Carnival as revolution on stage

Mosaic Team
Guest Editors


Riffing on WritersMosaic

Colin Grant, the director of WritersMosaic, talks with its founding editor, Gabriel Gbadamosi, about its origins, uniqueness and how it hopes to provide a platform for writing that is surprising, innovative and illuminating, yet rarely seen in Britain.

You couldn’t make it up, could you?

Playwright and theatre director Patricia Cumper and novelists Umi Sinha and Ingrid Persaud join Colin Grant, the director of WritersMosaic, to discuss how fiction sits side-by-side with history writing.