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WritersMosaic Films' 'Paradise' based on Roger Robinson’s tough but tender and ethereal poem is being screened at this year's Bloomsday Film Festival in Dublin

Featured Writers
"I love mythology as much as I love tigers."
"As a little girl my imagination was sparked by stories fondly told about our monkey, Oma, who was part of our family."
"At first I thought telling stories was just escapism but it’s more essential to my wellbeing than that. It’s taken me the best part of a decade to realize that I write myself over and over again. It’s my response to physician heal thyself."

Guest Edition

The Review

Edited by Guy Gunaratne

In the first edition of The Review, an innovative new online magazine, reviewers and feature writers "stay attentive to the chimerical, disobedient, and unruly voices among us, and also ensure that originality and plurality remain at the heart of our culture."


The Radical Step

The poet John Siddique takes the radical step of walking in nature, reflecting on self and decolonisation. Along the way he observes Arya Mouna, the practice of noble silence. Siddique says:‘I wrote this hallucinatory piece because I experienced it as an unfolding reality when I went for an evening walk.’‘The Radical Step,’ is included in an anthology of essays called Dreaming in Green, published recently by Crocus Books


Phoebe McIntosh's complicated black-and-white love story

Where There Was Fire

John Manuel Arias's debut novel focuses on the consequences of a banana plantation fire

Close Up

A love letter to the writers who will come after me

At the WritersMosaic/Hawthornden retreat

Abeba Esse

Zak Ove's diasporic journey at the Chelsea Flower Show illuminates invisible histories


James Baldwin’s centenary at the British Library

What's so great about James Baldwin, the boy-preacher, public intellectual, writer and activist? A hundred years after Baldwin's birth, Colin Grant is joined by Chitra Ramaswamy, Vanessa Kisuule, Mendez, Angeline Morrison and Burt Caesar in praise of him at a Speaky Spokey cabaret at the British Library. Film by Rob Akin

Reasons to fear AI: recalling Italo Calvino’s cybernetics & ghosts

Writers Michael Salu, Iphgenia Baal, Tice Cin and Vanessa Onwuemezi in collaboration with the Eccles Centre at the British Library recently reflected on the expansive role that AI & technology play in our lives. Hosted by Amanda Vilanova, the evening explored the uncanny and disturbing possibilities of AI. Filmed by Rob Akin