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“I want every piece I write to be an inscription on my nation. I am seeking by turns to place the me within Wales and the beauty of Wales within you.”
“One of the predominant and reoccurring themes in my work is home and comfort, belonging and a sense of place, and why I am a writer in the first place.”
“My passion for perfume runs parallel with my passion for prose. An obsession, maybe, as I can’t go a day without reading at least a chapter or popping the top of one of my favourite fragrances.”

Guest Edition

In a time of mass migration

Edited by Brian Chikwava

Mass migration, long a feature of global society, has intensified with world wars, the collapse of empires and decolonisation. Climate change will accelerate and diversify the movement of populations. And as the writers here reveal, the migrant story is also personal, leaving some to feel like squatters in a world they do not own.


Black British Lives Matter

In conversation with Colin Grant, Marcus Ryder explains why he is a champion of meaningful diversity in Britain and why Black British lives matter.

Close Up

The Shovel Dance Collective

The band playing music as a political act

Hurricane Season

Fernanda Melchor and the witch archetype



How does Black youth escape the social architecture of the open prison that is the urban centre?

The Naked Don’t Fear The Water

What happens when a Western journalist pretends to be an Afghan refugee? 

Mosaic Team
Guest Editors



A new short film by the duo, MISSOHIO, based on the Caribbean poet Roger Robinson’s tough but tender and ethereal poem, ‘Paradise’. The film visualises paradise through a distorted lens, uncovering the existential undertones of a ‘perfect’ resort life in the current climate crisis.

WritersMosaic in collaboration with 5X15

Gabriel Gbadamosi is joined by WritersMosaic authors, Angela Saini, Paul Mendez, Ingrid Persaud and Jeffrey Boakye in a special event with 5×15, hosted by Daisy Leitch. 5×15 is one of the UK’s leading producers of public-facing spoken-word events.