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Featured Writers
"You have to keep writing even when you don’t know if you believe you will ‘make it’ anymore. Why? Because it’s the only thing you are good at, the only thing you know."
"I loved being immersed in these other worlds that took me away from the everyday world in which I was constrained and powerless and could see no possibility of change. I woke, ate and slept with those stories, lost in daydream, to the irritation of my ayah, my parents and, later, my teachers."
‘My family in England derive endless pleasure from teasing me for my inability to articulate the difference between the brown grizzly creature and the brown liquid found in pubs.’

Guest Edition

Sonic vibrations part 1

Edited by Michael McMillan

“This guest edition is a multimedia journey into the sonic vibrations of sound system culture, lovers rock and dub with writers, poets, scholars, sound and visual artists, choreographers, and sound women from the African diaspora. Sonic Vibrations Part 2 drops on 6 October 2021”


The Kids

How does an adult write about children? In particular, what are the obligations, constraints and concerns about duty of care that arise when a teacher portrays the lives of her students? The poet and memoirist, Hannah Lowe, reflects on the process of writing about youths in her new collection, The Kids. Lowe considers the challenges of editing, inhabiting a young person's voice, conjuring empathy and understanding for the teenagers she taught and excited about poetry when composing her latest poems.

Close Up


Documenting the British authorities' indifference to the 1981 New Cross Fire


An insight into the New York Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ life


Dangerous Freedom

Perils of enslavement in eighteenth century London

Summer of Soul

Harlem's free concert of 1969 and the ascent of black is beautiful

Mosaic Team
Guest Editors


Margaret Busby's brilliant career in publishing

The international anthology New Daughters of Africa featuring 200 writers is a testament to its editor Margaret Busby CBE. She talks to the director Burt Caesar about her daring beginnings as Britain’s first black female publisher in the 1960s and about her extraordinary career championing unknown authors and giants such as CLR James whose work might have been forgotten but for her intervention.

Sonic vibrations in the front room

Dubmorphology create a film for Michael McMillan’s guest edition, Sonic vibrations, in the front room of the Museum of the Home, featuring Khadijah Ibrahiim and Courttia Newland.