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'I gained such clarity in the process of researching Superior. It felt like a weight had been lifted...I no longer had to work through these things in my head any more. I felt such peace with it.'
"My reasons for writing began with my father, and he remains the elusive character I search for, opening one door after another."
“My father was a Rastafarian who had this role in the community as a wise man. My mum was very politically engaged, a school governor, and both had bookshelves filled with books that we discussed, so that was my education.”

Guest Edition

In search of lasting change

Edited by Kerry Young

“Whilst acknowledging the vast array of initiatives for so-called BAME writers, what will be the enduring impact? The six writers here, commissioned in the summer of 2019 before the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, have wrestled with this question throughout their careers.”


Everything is True

A Junior doctor in the NHS, Roopa Farooki recalls the shock of working on the frontline during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her new memoir is a tale of life, death and grief.

Close Up

La Uve

How can theatre thrive in a time of Covid?


A BBC Radio 3 cultural history of marijuana


LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art

A digital exploration of the theme of light

The Undiscovered Country

A Trinidadian's insightful essays, poetry and flights of artistic expression

Mosaic Team
Guest Editors


Cheryl Martin reads from Not Quite Right For Us

WritersMosaic Live, in collaboration with Speaking Volumes, presents a spoken word night featuring poets, singers and storytellers, including Cheryl Martin reading her short story, ‘Only For a Short While’, part of the anthology, Not Quite Right For Us. The evening, at the Nightingale Room in Brighton, was hosted by Colin Grant.

Shagufta Sharmeen Tania reads from Not Quite Right For Us

The anthology, Not Quite Right For Us, is a celebration of outsiderness and ode to otherness. At a spoken word collaboration between WritersMosaic & Speaking Volumes, the writer and translator, Shagufta Sharmeen Tania reads her short story, ‘Bodies’.