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Courtesy Of BOCAS

Canisia Lubrin wins the top prize for Caribbean Literature at Bocas

The St.Lucian poet, Canisia Lubrin, has won the 2021 OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature with her latest poetry collection, The Dyzgraphxst. The Bocas Prize judge, Vahni Capildeo, praised the poems for, ‘taking apart our individual personal pronoun, the ‘I’, questioning and finding new ways to feel and think and know what we suppose to be our ‘self’.’ Lubrin had been shortlisted along with the debut novelist, Maisy Card, from Jamaica who’d won the best book of fiction by a Caribbean writer with These Ghosts Are Family, along with Trinidad’s André Bagoo whose essay collection, The Undiscovered Country, had won in the best non-fiction book. Bagoo will appear in a guest edition of WritersMosaic later in the year.

Photo courtesy of BOCAS