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Black British Lives Matter

In conversation with Colin Grant, Marcus Ryder explains why he is a champion of meaningful diversity in Britain and why Black British lives matter.

Moses McKenzie in conversation with Colin Grant

Moses McKenzie, a twenty-three-year-old debut author, reflects on the hostile and dangerous environment of the impoverished sections of Bristol that have fuelled his spiritual tale of redemption, An Olive Grove in Ends. 

Vincent Brown in conversation with Edson Burton

The governor general of Jamaica has declared 8 April National Chief Takyi Day. In conversation with Edson Burton, Vincent Brown, author of Tacky's Revolt, charts the story of the largest slave revolt in the British Empire during the 1700s.

Fred D’Aguiar in conversation with Gabriel Gbadamosi

In front of an audience at The House of St Barnabas in London, Fred D’Aguiar discusses his recently published memoir, Year of Plagues, tracing his battle with prostate cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic and deals with the knock-on effects of the murder of George Floyd.

Rommi Smith in conversation with Dawn Cameron and Colin Grant

Rommi Smith has excavated an overlooked history of black people in Britain in her work and particularly in interpreting a series of extraordinary photos from the archives of the TopFoto agency. Through Smith's carefully researched poetic responses she is changing the story of what we consider the nature of Britain.