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Photo Courtesy Of Margaret Busby

Margaret Busby in conversation with Burt Caesar

The indefatigable Ghanaian-born publisher, editor and writer, Margaret Busby CBE, was honoured earlier this year with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Busby has been a star in the literary firmament ever since she co-founded the publishing company, Allison and Busby more than fifty years ago. She talks to the director Burt Caesar about breaching colour bars, smashing glass ceilings, championing black writers, and artistic and bohemian life in 1960s Soho. Watch the InSight video below for the full interview.

Zena Edwards in conversation with Trish Cooke

Zena Edwards talks to Trish Cooke about becoming a unique and compelling theatre performance poet, her way of ensuring she takes care of herself throughout this process, as well as her favourite authors and her tips for budding writers.