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Shara Atashi

As the Taliban once more take control of Afghanistan, the writer Shara Atashi revisits the film, Osama . Made almost twenty years ago in 2003, in the aftermath of the Taliban's defeat, the film is a meditation on the impact of the brutal regime on the country, in particular on a young girl who disguises herself as a boy to find work and support her family.

The Kids

Hannah Lowe

How does an adult write about children? In particular, what are the obligations, constraints and concerns about duty of care that arise when a teacher portrays the lives of her students? The poet and memoirist, Hannah Lowe, reflects on the process of writing about youths in her new collection, The Kids. Lowe considers the challenges of editing, inhabiting a young person's voice, conjuring empathy and understanding for the teenagers she taught and excited about poetry when composing her latest poems.

Latino, Latine, Latinx

Daniel Rey

So-called minority ethnic people in Britain complain that they didn’t receive the memo when the acronym BAME was foisted on them, yet it stuck. The same appears to be true of Latinx in the USA, a term increasingly used by journalists to describe a section of the population, yet it's one with which only three per cent of that group identify. The British-Colombian writer, Daniel Rey, explores the minefield of naming, being identified and self-identifying that he has encountered on moving recently to the USA.

Cooked in natural time

Zena Edwards

Zena Edwards remembers her school career advisor’s inability to make connections for her and looks forward to a future outside of the literary establishment.