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“The 2008 Christmas flood in Trinidad was my first direct experience of the climate crisis. Like me, the seven other writers in this edition reflect on the dangers to our climate systems.”

“Hold on to this if ever you find yourself in a place made unbearable as a furnace, a landscape where the temperature has become your enemy.”

Within every human story exists an ecosystem of other beings, implicated even when they don’t make it into the narrative.”

“Each tree plays its part in a social system. Young or old, it has a purpose.”

At the end of this sentence, a flood will rise 

and swallow low-lying islands of the Caribbean…”

“Well before the Lea hits the salty mouth of the Thames, it is laden with phosphates, plastic, sewage and industrial chemicals. It is, in fact, the most polluted river in Britain.”

“how much longer

can I keep your feet from emerald
beetles, scorching pavement, rising