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Cybernetics and ghosts

    SpeakySpokey: WritersMosaic Live Events

The writers Michael Salu, Iphgenia Baal, Tice Cin and Vanessa Onwuemezi came together in a special evening at the British Library to reflect on the expansive role that AI & technology play in our lives and in literature today. All the writers were asked by WritersMosaic to respond to Italo Calvino’s 1967 essay ‘Cybernetics and Ghosts’. It serves as a useful starting point to consider what today’s increasingly digitally mediated, virtual experience means for the evolution of language – and literature – as well as for thinking about the ways technology is changing us, now that turbo-charged computer sciences hurtle off, dragging along data from our stories, novels, films and thoughts as fuel. They writers were joined by the musicians Shakira Alleyne and Isaac Robertson. The event is hosted by Amanda Vilanova.

A recording of the event is now available on the Spotlight section of our website. A film of the evening will be uploaded to our InSight section shortly.

Photo by Andy Martinez