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Cheryl Martin

Cheryl Martin sings and reads from her contribution to the anthology, Not Quite Right For Us, at the Nightingale Room in Brighton. The spoken word evening was a collaboration between Speaking Volumes and WritersMosaic, hosted by Colin Grant.

Produced in partnership with Chapter Arts Centre and Literature Wales.

Empathy and the new-cross cultural voices of Wales

WritersMosaic launches in Cardiff with its founding editor Gabriel Gbadamosi, the Welsh-Guyanese writer, Charlotte Williams OBE, and Eric Ngalle Charles, a Cameroon-born poet whose journey as a refugee took him to Wales, with a discussion of the meaning of empathy in the context of Welsh nationalism and multiculturalism.

Produced in partnership with Chapter Arts Centre and Literature Wales.

Partition: Scottish independence and the Bengali experience

WritersMosaic launches in Glasgow with an exploration of the Bengali experience of Partition as it impacted writers now living in Scotland. Crime writer Abir Mukherjee, literary critic Sourit Bhattacharya and poet and Tagore scholar Bashabi Fraser relate their family stories to contemporary debates on Scottish independence.

Produced in partnership with the University of Glasgow and the Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow.

Diggers and Builders

How might writers also work as community activists? Are the two compatible? For WritersMosaic the playwright Linda Brogan, crime writer Peter Kalu, poet Shamshad Khan and screenwriter Jonny Wright join forces to resist the idea of ‘community’ as amateur, less good and low budget.

Produced in partnership with the University of Manchester and the Whitworth Gallery, the plan is to stay rooted and reach for the moon.

Find Your Own Voice

Find your own voice. Be distrustful of labels; look to your own soul, and don’t be burdened. Write to transform labels, to find out the story people don’t know, the one that opens a space for you to talk.
Contributors: John Siddique, Hannah Lowe, Bonnie Greer and Daljit Nagra

Riffing on WritersMosaic

Colin Grant, the director of WritersMosaic, talks with its founding editor, Gabriel Gbadamosi, about its origins, uniqueness and how it hopes to provide a platform for writing that is surprising, innovative and illuminating, yet rarely seen in Britain.