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Conrad Murray by Joyce Nicholls

“Writing my perspective and putting my Indian heritage and my personal history in the story has helped me feel in control, and like I exist.”

A theatre-maker, writer, director, rapper, beatboxer, live looper and singer

Conrad Murray in conversation with Jonny Wright

Conrad reveals some truths about the recording industry and illuminates his connection with the Battersea Arts Centre


Conrad Murray is a theatre-maker, writer, director, rapper, beatboxer, live looper and singer. He is passionate about making work through hip hop and beatbox theatre. He uses his Anglo-Indian working-class heritage to address issues such as class, race and heritage. Since 2003 he has been pioneering new forms of theatre, experimenting with hip hop culture and theatre. He’s performed around the UK at venues and events including Battersea Arts Centre, Tate Britain, Roundhouse, Camden People’s Theatre, Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall, The Lowry, Jazz Cafe, Latitude, WOMAD, Gloucester Guild Hall and the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as having his music showcased on the BBC Asian Network.


Conrad has led the Beatbox Academy at Battersea Arts Centre since 2008. He has developed a musical and theatrical devising practice to create new forms of performance and theatre. In 2013, he started collaborating with spoken word poet Paul Cree to create a fusion of hip hop and spoken word leading to several musical performances and releases. They set up Beats & Elements as an outlet for their fusion of hip hop, theatre and spoken word. Their first production No Milk For The Foxes was put on by Camden People’s Theatre in 2015. It was re-uploaded as a digital piece in 2020 to great acclaim and multiple positive reviews.

With Katie Beswick, he has written a book on hip hop theatre, Beatbox & Elements (Bloomsbury, 2022).