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Interviewer and literary consultant

Dr Edson Burton is a poet, drama writer, curator and historian.  His radio credits include the supernatural trilogy Deacon starring Don Warrington. His theatre writing spans a range of theatre based, promenade and site specific work including: the Ithaca Axis (2013); the poetry/theatre show Curry Goat & Fish Fingers; Frederick Douglass dramatization An Abolitionist Returns (2018); the game show themed The Edge (2018); and the ribald Anansi & the Grand Prize (2019).   His on screen history specialist appearances include: Hairy Bikers series Pubs that Made Britain (2015); Books that Made Britain Bristol Sin City (2016); Lost Civilizations Series 1: The Remains of Slavery (2017); the Antiques Road Show (2018); Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Georgian Bristol (2019) He is the author of poetry collection Seasoned, co-author of What’s Your Trinity Story, Vice and Virtue (2018).  Edson is a member of Bristol’s History Commission, the film programming, Collective Come the Revolution and Queer People of Colour Collective Kiki Bristol.