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“Books form world-views. They can make us believe we can be kings; some can even then teach how to actually become a king.”

Actor, writer and director

The importance of literature in and from a working-class context

Catapulted by words

Fraser Ayres in conversation with Jonny Wright

Talking about acting, writing and running his own talent agency


Fraser is an actor/writer/director as well as CEO and founder of the TriForce Creative Network and; an organisation set up in 2003 with a core ethos of ‘inclusivity’ that promotes equal opportunities in the entertainment industry.

He is mixed race (Barbadian/Scottish), born and raised in Leicester, from a single parent, working-class family. This very much informs all his work on and off-screen.


Fraser is responsible for creating the only comedy panel show about Black history, ‘Sorry, I Didn’t Know, and his writing includes In the Long Run, Eastenders, and Lagging, alongside radio productions such as Maynard for BBC Radio 4 (receiving the 2021 Imison Award) and Space is the Place, a five- part dramatization of the lives of the jazz greats for Jazz FM.