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Halina Edwards is a designer whose work expands across flag making, fashion design, textiles and Design Thinking workshops.  Informed by interdisciplinary research encompassing tradition, transnationalism, dialogue, location and food, Halina’s practice interrogates the concept of ‘home’, inspired by craft traditions and technique. Jamaican-born and British-raised, she works with in fashion, textiles and flag-making to explore this intersection. She works as a solo practitioner and with people in workshop settings. She has collaborated with creative spaces, collectives and organisations on commissions and workshops, such as HOME by Ronan Mckenzie, GANNI, Flock Together, Create London, Dortmunder-U and V&A East. Halina featured in Still Breathing: 100 Black Voices on Racism. She was the project manager and lead developer on The Black Curriculum zine (‘Notting Hill Carnival’ and  ‘Hair Stories’).