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Edinburgh-based documentary and travel photographer, Hermann Rodrigues has recorded community history, new immigration, religions, professions, activities, historical buildings – and the Sikh Scottish tartan. Rodrigues is a photographer with a deep passion for the camera and the Asian community in Scotland, highlighting the diversity of South Asian lifestyles and cultures in Scotland from Dumfries to Stornoway in the Western Isles. Rodrigues sees his work as having two interlocking purposes: firstly to express the ‘colour and vibrancy of the Asian community’ and secondly to highlight how they have imbibed themselves in Scottish culture. His vast collection of over 50,000 photographs give a glimpse of these cross-connections and are a celebration of this diversity. He continues to collect stories highlighting and celebrating the diversity of the South Asian community of Scotland. Hermann’s work has been exhibited in many galleries including the Commonwealth Institute in London, the National Museums of Scotland, the National Libraries of Scotland and has also been featured in many pub- lications including The Times of India, the BBC and the Wall Street Journal and in a joint publication of photos and poems on migration and diaspora with Bashabi Fraser in Ragas & Reels (Edinburgh: Luath Press, 2012).