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Michael McMillan by Franklyn Rogers

Editorial team member

Michael McMillan is a London based writer, playwright, artist/curator and academic, who is best known for his critically acclaimed installation-based exhibition, The West Indian Front Room, which was the Museum of the Home’s (formerly the Geffrye Museum) most successful exhibition (2005-06) and will be a permanent feature from 2021. As well as ongoing international iterations of The Front Room in The Netherlands, Curacao, Johannesburg and France, it inspired the popular BBC4 documentary Tales from the Front Room (2007) and his book, The Front Room: Migrant Aesthetics in the Home (2009).  His plays include On Duty, which was a drama/documentary for Channel 4’s Eleventh Hour series (1984), and his 2001 BBC4 Radio Drama, Blood for Britain, about Dr Charles Drew, was nominated for a Diversity in Media award. He is currently an assoc. lecturer in Cultural & Historical Studies at London College of Fashion (UAL), and research assoc. with VIAD (University of Johannesburg).