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Spoken word

Razia’s creative practice involves written and spoken word, live and recorded song and music. It flows alongside her work as a coach, facilitator and consultant – a weave made possible by a steadfast meditation practice, loving circles of family, friends and community – and the constant support of the natural surroundings. Razia has lived in the lap of the South Downs for most of her life. Her recent work is oriented toward re-languaging and re-telling the landscape by accessing precious seams of ancestry buried in it and in us, which have been disrupted, but not destroyed, by the march of history. It includes Challé Gayé (a bilingual soundscape at the Chattri monument commissioned by Witness Stand at Brighton Festival 2022). Razia has created three albums of music (western and Hindustani), composed music for theatre and written and performed plays. Razia is also a Changing Chalk Associate Artist for Writing Our Legacy/The National Trust.