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“My writing is driven by the hope that somewhere, someone will read my work and learn that though our experiences are different we all spill the same blood, no matter what shade our skin or our beliefs.”

Author and Activist

A M Dassu in conversation with Sita Brahmachari

‘I want readers to leave my books with a sense of hope, feeling a sense of empowerment.’ 


A. M. Dassu is the author of Boy, Everywhere (2020), which won The Little Rebels Children’s Book Award 2021 and is an American Library Association Notable Book. Her novel Fight Back (2022) was a Book of the Month and Best New Novel in The Guardian as well as an Independent Bookshop’s Book of the Month across all Indie bookshops in the UK, and also a finalist for the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award.

She is a director at Inclusive Minds, an organisation passionate about inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children’s literature. As well as a Connecting Stories author with the National Literacy Trust, campaigning to inspire a love of reading and writing in children and young people, she is a patron of The Other Side of Hope, a magazine for refugee and immigrant contributors.


A. M. Dassu grew up in the Midlands and writes books that challenge stereotypes, that humanise and are full of empathy, hope and heart. Her latest book, Boot It! (2023) is a World Book Day novel.