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Andrea and Amber by Robert Taylor

WritersMosaic, an initiative of the Royal Literary Fund, is an online platform for new writing from a mosaic of literary voices and cultures across the UK that aims to be surprising, magical and moving. 

The platform showcases writer profiles through authored talks, creative exchanges and interviews, using images and illustrations, commissioned by an editorial team of writers who bring their own blend of curiosity, excitement and deep cultural and critical engagement.

The informal, multi-voiced, writer-to-writer recordings are complemented by themed Guest editions from leading publishers, writers, editors, thinkers and artists who reflect on their own thematic interests and insights across genres of literature and introduce us to new developments.

With new author profiles published regularly online alongside themed Guest editions, we aim to give audiences a unique and in-depth insight into the lives and writing practices of contemporary writers who reflect the UK’s widening literary culture.

WritersMosaic and its editorial team of Royal Literary Fund Fellows act as an independent, inclusive, permanent and evolving presence in the UK landscape of contemporary writing.

We are Sita Brahmachari, Trish Cooke, Roopa Farooki, Bashabi Fraser, Gabriel Gbadamosi (Founding Editor), Colin Grant (Director), Michael McMillan, Sanjida O’Connell, John Siddique and Jonny Wright.