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“I’ve thought a lot about what I can do in my capacity as a writer. I have the opportunity, and a responsibility to the children who read my books, to write for them – about topics they care about, and issues they face.”

Annabelle Sami is a writer, director, producer and performer.

Annabelle Sami in conversation with Roopa Farooki

Talking about how she makes sure of keeping in touch with her young readership


Annabelle Sami is a writer, director, producer and performer living in London. She has a BA in English and Drama, and completed her MA in English Literature from Queen Mary University in 2018. Since then she has been working as a producer for theatre whilst writing numerous books for children. Her work includes the Agent Zaiba Investigates series (Little Tiger), the Llama Out Loud series (Farshore) as well as stories in the Amazing Asian Tales from the Past anthology (Scholastic) and The Very Merry Murder Club anthology (Farshore). 

Her work has been shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, the Diverse Book Awards and won the Spark! Book award. Her interests include poetry, music, nature and spirituality.