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Born and raised in Colombia, Carolina Alonso Bejarano (aka Rataprincess) is a scholar-activist, cartoonist and DJ living in London and Brooklyn. With a PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies, she teaches Law at the University of Warwick. As a researcher and organizer, her interests lie at the intersection of art and the law in relation to reproductive justice in the Americas and the immigrants’ rights movement in the US. As a DJ, Carolina produces beats, remixes classics and has performed across the world from Medellín to Berlin to Goa. She has produced multimedia events on activism and community organizing the UK and the US, and her work has appeared in Feminist Formations, The Believer,  Revista BLAST, Jadaliyya and elsewhere.  Along with fellow New Jersey immigrants’ rights activists, Carolina co-wrote, produced and performed the play Undocumented/Unafraid (2015) about the rights of undocumented immigrants. Her book, Decolonizing Ethnography (2019), was co-written with her field collaborators – women community organizers in New Jersey – about the liberatory possibilities of ethnographic research. Forthcoming projects include Undocu-Artivism, a book portraying the artworks of undocumented activists, and Binh & Libertad, a graphic novel, with creative partner Peter Quach, about an intercultural couple living in NYC.