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Music Historian

Donna Moore was born in Guyana in 1959 and came to the UK in 1967 as  a young girl travelling with an older brother to join the family. In the early 1980s her passion for and eclectic knowledge of music provided a solid foundation for her to join the already established all female sound system  Sister Culture. As a selector, she incorporated her Guyanese and eclectic  Black British and diasporic musical heritage, and as a DeeJay, she took an  ethical and moral position challenging the misogyny, homophobia and pedophilia sometimes found in reggae dancehall with counter-lyrics.  Donna took this approach in her work with the Black Ink Collective, who published many Black British and Caribbean writers, as well as music workshops with young people. For Donna who sees herself as a music historian, with a large vinyl reference collection. She sees the ability to document factual history in the oral traditional way an extremely skilful craft. The Griots are the true story tellers.