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“I want to find a way to pull back the curtain to reveal the inner room. To make sense of the lives I see, by writing the stories of the peripheral, the quiet, the backstage character.”

Poet, drama writer, curator and historian

Image by Alejandro Padron


Can’t live with you, can’t live without you

Image by Alejandro Padron
Image by Alejandro Padron

Edson Burton in conversation with Colin Grant

Talking about his evolution as a poet, playwright and public intellectual, as well as his mesmeric creation for radio, the time-travelling, eternal Deacon.


Dr Edson Burton is a poet, drama writer, curator and historian.  His radio credits include the supernatural trilogy Deacon starring Don Warrington now available on audible.

His theatre writing spans a range of theatre based, promenade and site specific work including the, Ithaca Axis (2013) poetry/theatre show ‘Curry Goat & Fish Fingers, Frederick Douglass dramatization an Abolitionist Returns (2018) the game show themed The Edge 2018, & the ribald Anansi & the Grand Prize (2019). 

His on screen history specialist appearances include Hairy Bikers series Pubs that Made Britain (2015) Books that Made Britain Bristol Sin City (2016), Lost Civilizations Series 1: The Remains of Slavery (2017) the Antiques Road Show, (2018) Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Georgian Bristol (2019) in addition to regularly appearing on local news and radio in response to the Black Lives Matter.

He is the author of poetry collection (Seasoned) co-author of What’s Your Trinity Story, Vice and Virtue (2018) and various online and print articles.   

Edson is a member of Bristol’s History Commission, the film programming, Collective Come the Revolution and Queer People of Colour Collective Kiki Bristol.

He is the father of two young adults, uncle to a cat and a lover to Easton Bristol where he resides.