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Musician and composer

Ghost Town Ghost is the understated solo project of dream folk artist, Tilda Lindsey. The WritersMosaic signature tune is taken from her song ‘If You See Him’. With a modest set-up, her music is lo-fi and raw, written and recorded independently within the comfort of the four walls of home. Ghost Town Ghost’s earlier releases are instrumental and incorporate the voices and sounds of small town lives against an atmospheric backdrop. These days, Lindsey melds instrumental compositions with her own vocals and lyrics, drawing deep inspiration from her time spent in beautiful areas of Cornwall and the South East coastline. In 2017, Lindsey briefly wrote under the pseudonym ‘Captain’ and released an EP with Fox Food Records, before returning to Ghost Town Ghost, where her last release was a 5-track EP titled ‘Stay Beach’. Ghost Town Ghost is calm and contemplative in nature, often dubbed as ‘songs to snooze to’.