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Trevor Mathison is an artist, composer, sound designer recordist. His sonic practice centers in creating fractured haunting aural landscapes and integrating existing music has featured in over thirty award-winning films. Mathison was a founding member of the cine-cultural artist collective, The Black Audio Film Collective (BAFC,1982-1998), where his body of sonic designs defined and situated for the Collective’s film and gallery installations, including Signs of Empire, Handsworth Songs and The Last Angel of History. Mathison has continued to work with some of his former collaborators from Black Audio (John Akomfrah, Lina Gopaul and David Lawson) creating sound design for installations and feature documentaries, including Mnemosyne and The Unfinished Conversation. His latest compositional score features in John Akomfrah’s and Dredd  Scotts’ Slave Rebellion Re-enactment 2019  and Garret Bradley’s award-winning feature America 2019. Mathison has also founded and been active in a number of other experimental sonic groups – Dubmorphology, Hallucinator and Flow Motion. He has also been a pioneer of sound installation work.  His most recent sound performance took place at CAPC in Bordeaux in 2020 where he was commissioned to make a sonic response to Lubaina Himid’s installation Naming the Money.