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Summer of Soul wins an Oscar

Gabriel Gbadamosi

And the 2022 Oscar for Best Documentary goes to Summer of Soul – for its celebration of music and resilience among black people at the end of the civil rights movement. Gabriel Gbadamosi describes how it was brought back to life by director Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson from forgotten footage of a 1969 festival in Harlem.

The surrealist and the trickster

Colin Grant

The Trinidad-born writer, Anthony Joseph, has mastered myriad art forms - poetry, novel writing, and jazz music. As he tours with his band and heads to the Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester, Colin Grant reflects on an innovative artist - part surrealist, part trickster, fully incomparable.

Writing the colonial countryside

Hannah Lowe

Hannah Lowe gives an account of her time visiting and researching at Fellbrigg Hall in Norfolk, including writing one of her poems inspired by the Chinese Wallpaper and other artefacts found there.

The Sunset Club, December 1951

Rommi Smith

A poetic response to a transgressive 1951 photo of interracial romance at The Sunset Club in Soho. The recording (below), as well as that for 'Photographer Unknown' and 'Make-Believe, Caught by Tony', which features music by Christella Litras, is courtesy of St Edward's School, Oxford and Tim Hand Productions.

Everything is True

Roopa Farooki

A Junior doctor in the NHS, Roopa Farooki recalls the shock of working on the frontline during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her new memoir is a tale of life, death and grief.

The Kids

Hannah Lowe

The poet and former teacher Hannah Lowe reflects on the process of writing about youths in her Costa Award-winning collection, The Kids. Lowe considers the challenge of inhabiting a young person's voice, conjuring empathy and understanding for the teenagers she taught and excited about poetry.

Afropean and the identity parade

Johny Pitts

In Afropean, Johny Pitts went in search of an elusive identity that wedded his African and Europeanness. This theme is further explored in B-Side, his guest curatorship of The Eyes magazine. The notion of observing whilst also being under surveillance is one he explores in this talk for WritersMosaic, 'The identity parade'.