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England’s racism revealed in its Uefa Euro 2020 defeat

Oscar Guardiola-Rivera

The shock of England’s defeat in the Uefa Euro 2020 games wasn’t so much in the defeat itself. That much could have been expected from England's poor record in penalty shoot outs. For many, the real shock was in the resurgence of racism that followed, directed at black English footballers, including the socially-conscious Marcus Rashford, who had failed to convert their penalties. But the cultural critic, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, argues that it, too, wasn’t really a surprise, that racism and the encouragement of nostalgic self-delusional nativism lie just beneath the surface of English society and are tacitly encouraged and stoked by politicians in times of strife.

La Soufriere volcano

Philip Nanton

In the wake of the 2021 volcanic eruptions in St Vincent, the poet Philip Nanton recalls the time La Soufrière volcano erupted previously in 1979, his work to alleviate the suffering on the Caribbean island of that time and the poems of Shake Keane which responded to the events.


Roger Robinson

There has been a growing demand for better pay for NHS nurses, and in Grace, the T.S.Eliot Prize-winning poet, Roger Robinson, recalls the generosity, bravery and kindness of the nurses who kept his newborn son alive.