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‘I have always felt that I am living between worlds, carrying the “elsewhere” to “somewhere” I have arrived at. In this edition, a number of writers  explore issues of multiple worlds and of becoming and belonging in the liminal, in-between space, migrants of the world often find themselves inhabiting.’

“Humans, who take up a space between the gods and demons, have a dual nature, reconciling opposing forces. Writers and artists have a vital role in acting as a conduit; they are Vasuki, the rope that connects the gods and the demons.”

“As time moves forward, truths glare like beacons, blow like gales, much louder and stronger than the meagre titbits of false knowledge we were given as children.”

“I sometimes find myself possessed by a literary figure, or a literary moment, and cannot break the spell until I have paid some form of homage, some tribute, to acknowledge the deep and lasting impact that the encounter has had on me.”

“I sometimes wonder why the paranormal net curtain does not occasionally blow sideways, revealing a giant plesiosaur in my sitting-room.”

“Only if Abhimanyu knew!
The name of the seventh war zone is

“Having graduated,
we play-act being British, fussing over mortgages,
joking about pensions and grudging the fact
that in our jobs discrimination is a given.”